On this tutorial i will help you guys understand COINTIPLY.

Cointiply is a Faucet/Game, you can Faucet claim EVERY 1H .

Cointiply has a Loyalty Bonus so make sure you login every day! It will pay you a % of you login bonus on EVERY ROLL! loyalty_bonus

Cointiply has 2 reward methods Coins/Gems. 

Coins: Used to cashout , upgrade your mines and to buy gems!

Gems: Used to purchase efficiency and upgrades for your Mine. You can toggle between earning Gems or Coins on Cointiply at any time. Changing your earning mode will effect all earning methods including offer walls, faucet, videos & PTC.

As you can see Cointiply has alot of features.cointiply_mining_tabOne of  best features if not the best is the MINING GAME.
All you have to do is fill the 9 spaces with miners.(All your Mines can be upgraded)
The cost of the miners goes from 200 to 25.000 coins. Every tier of miners has is own mining power. The sum of all you miners means your mining power.mining_power
Note: when you try to sell a miner pay attention, because sale price continues to go down based on how long you have owned the building. It depreciates in value on a daily basis, this means the longer you own it the less is worth.
Claim your free gems every 1 hour, sync it with faucet claim will be better!free_gems
Make sure you keep you mining system at 200% Efficiency. activity

Choose the amount you want to use, to Boost activity.reset_amount

cointiply_efficiency reset your activity every 30/30min or 50/50min manually.

Or you can let the game do it for you. Press “Gemssettings.png

Make sure to have this one active. This way you dont have to worry about reseting your mine activity until your gems run out!gems_setting.png

After that your mining system will reward you every Hour with coins,(YOU NEED AT LEAST 34MP to start earning something) corresponding to your mining power and the % you mined to the pool. In this case im getting every hour 9 coins and 0.02% of what i mined to the pool, wich is around 3/4 coins. So 9+3/4 coins per hour just for having the mine running. (Old stats by the way)

(obviously i dont have the top miners)

Lets learn the details of our miners! Press on one of the miners you own!

This menu will show up! Press “Manage“.


You can see all the details on this menu, also you can see how much GEMS you need to rebuild the expired level (dead!) In this case my level 4 will expire in 81 days, and will cost me 306k gems to rebuild.

hq_menu2.png                hq_menu_rebuild

While you get your miners set up. Do Offerwalls or play games that will reward you coins/gems depending of your settings.

You can also see videos,that will reward you coins/gems.cointiply_videotabvideo_ads2

Also cointiply as release his own PTC wall and you can get extra coins/gems here.cointiply_ptc.pngMinimum cashout is 35.000 coins wich is around 45.000 satoshis,depending of BTC price.

Contiply Account Here


2 thoughts on “Cointiply

  1. además tengo una queja, a ver si hablas con el administrador, si le doy clic para ver videos por que me salen encuestas, las cuales para mi son una verdadera perdida de tiempo, si le di clic para ver videos es solo eso, o acaso es fraude. para no perder mi tiempo, y obvio no lo recomendare a nadie de mis referidos, que a lo largo de 4 años haciendo esto tengo algunos muy fieles


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