On this tutorial i will help you guys understand Febbit.

Febbit is a mining game where you have to upgrade your chips to earn more CR and BTC.Febbit_playnowFebbit Rewards are awarded every ONE HOUR.
Febbit has 4 types of chips :
  • Thermal Regulator (Increases BOOST duration by a %).thermal_regulator
  • Central Processing Unit (Increases mining power by a %).central_processor
  • Energy Cell (Increases Monster duration by a %).energy_cell
  • Overclocker (Increases boost power by a % Increases mining power by a %.overclocker
  • Cart will take minutes longer to fill up. Increases boost duration by a % capacitor
Febbit has 6 types of Rarity named by MK1 to Mk6 (you can see the difference by colors), all chips can be leveled up to a certain level according to his rarity.
You have 9 spaces to fill up with the chips:istalled_chips
you will earn chips every time you level up or complete a specific mission.
You will earn Dust every time complete a specific mission or every time you sell a chip.
(Dust is used to upgrade the grade of chips from MK5 to MK7).
Obs: You can check missions on the top right side of the page.tasksYou will have an inventory to save all your chips that you dont use,but the inventory has a limit you can buy more spaces at the shop, or if you want just sell the chips to get more space.
CR is the in-game credits used to level up your chips!
How do i upgrade my chips?
Simply press the chip you want to level up
Blue = Uninstall  Green = Upgrade  Red = Sell (you will get dust for it).
Now the main page Stats :Main_page_stats
  1. All the Hashes mined by the monster, these are converted in for Credits and Satoshi.
  2. Here you refresh the health bar of the monster – 0 health bar will stop the monster.
  3. How strong the miner hits.
  4. The boost of the monster. (will 2x/3x/4x depending of your settings the monster mining strength)
  5. Where you save all your mined ressources, and Where you click to claim your satoshis and CR.
  6. Total CR mined.
  7. Total satoshi mined
There is no perfect setup! Use the chips that suits you better,
You will earn EXP every time you refill HEALTH and BOOST (no captchas,just a click).
Blocks get mined every hour. When a block is mined you will get rewards of Credits and Satoshi based on the amount of Hashes you have mined. (this used to be true lol, now is a bit uncertain) 
capacitor This chip is a new adition, that will make you make you earn even if the health bar of monster is 0.
If you dont have a Febbit account Get it here.



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