Contract Miner


Contract Miner is a game where you can create and upgrade your very own bitcoin farm.

No its not Cloud Mining! Yes its a Game, a simulation that you have a mining rig at Home.


 Minimum Withdraw 1 sat to FaucetHub.
-Chat rewards
-Several Tasks
-Level up reward
-Auto Miner
-Paid Contracts:
 Contracts up to 445sat=35sat profit

-Multiple Tiered miners

-25% Referral Commission 

Your main objective is to “create a contract, lease your miners” and get paid.

Paid Contracts

So first thing you have to to is move to your parents house!
On the Left side of the screen you have a navigation menu.
Press on Property.
If everything went well, you are now on your parents house and all should look like                                          Note: Parents house can hold up to 3 miners with no need to pay rent – If you have/want more miners you need to rent a bigger house!

Now you are ready to mine!

Contract Miner gives you FREE 500Mh/s, so you dont need to buy a miner just yet!

Go to homepage.
Scroll down and your contract menu will show up.contracts_available
You will have only 1 contract to do and will be tier 1,everytime you claim a contract or an autominer  claim you will earn EXP, to level up and unlock new contract tiers.contracts_tier1.png

First Paid contract cost 0.All other contracts will cost some BTC to start. Relax you will have all your BTC “invested” back with some profit.

Now press “Create contract“.

Scroll down again and see what your contract will give you.contract_tier.png

After the time runs out just complete the captcha or shortlink you want and its done.


Now this is the part where the miners are usefull. Scroll up.



These are the current Contracts, they are long run contracts.auto_miners_contracts_available

Before you start the autominer contract you have to refill your energy.refill

Every tier has some restrictions, Power usage and Minimum hasrate.autominer_tier2

Power usage – its related with your house – free house holds 3 power usage only!

Minimum hasrate – related with all the miners you have including the free 500mh/s

More mining hashrate will increase your gain on the Auto-Miners page.

Now you have to understand that contract miner has 2 Balances.types_balnces
Left Side: Internal Balance, a balance that you cant cashout, its used to buy miners on the Bit market! you can transfer BTC to internal balance by Deposits into the site, Exchange your satoshi balance or complete tasks.
Right Side: Satoshi balance, its all your earnings from contracts and faucet claims.You can use this to Cashout or buy miners/propertys from Shop!

And thats it, simple game simple earnings!

Keep in mind this is just to help you start with the game there are many more ways to earn BTC in game.

Get a contract miner account Here.


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