Valerian Universe


8c75e8425b78f780fb2ca2ee63e037c3Valerian Universe is a space game, where you have to upgrade your ship and build planets. The game is complex so i will explain only what you have to do to cash out!
First things first Click Account.MenuPress Battle Cruiser.


Here is where you will upgrade your ship! (ship factory is where you buy drones)ship_upgradesThe image by herself explains it all.
To upgrade your ship you will need Credits. Fastest way to earn credits at the beginning is to Warp around the universe. Press UniverseMenuSomething like this will show up:Universe_baseUnderstand that to warp around you need Energy, every warp click will cost you 1 energy, you can check your energy on the left side menu all time. (energy can be sell to earn credits too)Leftside_menu
So what will happen when you warp around? lets try 🙂enemy                                              Lil fellas like this one will show up(other things will show up too),these are the NPC´S. they will give you the credits you need to upgrade your ship or planet(will explain about planets later on the post). You will earn very little at the beginning, but the further you go the more the npc´s will award you with credits if you win!rebel_winthis screen will show up as soon as you hit Attack! this will show you, your battle stats what did you earn and lost!
After you do this for a while come back to your Account menuMenuaccount_menu


And check what you can upgrade, every time you upgrade something you will win Dark Matter. You can check how much Dark Matter you have on the left side menu just like energy. Leftside_menu


Dark matter is needed to Exchange to AntiMatter or ANTIM (same thing)

Press AntiMMenuPress Exchange Dark Matter


Here is where you can exchange your Dark Matter into antiM or Anti-Matter.






Anti-Matter is needed to exchange for CURRENCY
Press AntiMMenuPress Exchange Anti-Matter


Valerian Universe has alot of Currencys. Most likely everyone will go do BTC or DOGE.Currency
After you exchange for the currency you like Press Wallet menu.MenuPress Wallet again
wallet_menuAnd a menu like this will show upall_walletsAll you need to do now is to pick the currency you want to Cash out!

Now that you know how to cash out and know more or less how the game works lets talk about planets!

Planets will be your main source of resources Press AccountMenuPress Inventory


And a big page with alot of things will pop up.inventory.pngLook for Genesis Seeds

genesies_seeds.pngPress “Use
To check you planets press AccountMenuPress Your planets
your_planets.png And a List of all your planets will show upall_planets.pngPress the green icon this will make you warp next to your planet costing 100 credits.planet.png Press on your planet.And a new menu will show up.planet_menuAnd a brand new page. Its similiar to your ship upgrade menu. planet_menu2planet_menu3.png                                                                     Upgrade your planet using this menus, remember every upgrade will award you with Dark Matter.
Planet_bank_menu.pngwalk into this menu and press Planet bank.planet_energybank.pngHere deposit (into planet) or withdraw(into your ship) credits and energy.
Now for selling energyMenuAccount menu
nerby_ports.png Press Nearby Ports and a big list will show up,press one of the all_planetsto walk into the port you want to sell the energy.selling_portsevery Port can only buy up to 10k energy so you have do look for other ports. You can also buy seed here to build more planets, you can only have 10 planets. Battle system is on now so planets can be attacked.

Sorry for the long tutorial 😀

Valerian universe Account Here.



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