This is a very simple tutorial 🙂 .

Let the Dog run until he collects 50 apples, and then press “Next Level“.next_level
Every time you press “Next Level” there is a chance of you doing a captcha (kinda rare anyway).captcha                                                                    After you complete the captcha let him run again until he collects 50 apples and do the process again.(on your browser tab will show as Great when he is done collecting).
Now lets check the market
market.png                                                                     The market is where you trade your have 3 baskets the first 2 baskets you can only trade them with the exact amount that is shown!

Ex: 2nd basket requires 4500 apples, if you by mistake collect 4550 you wont be able to collect the 2nd basket. in this case you will have to collect the 3rd basket that is way less.

so your priority will always be to collect 4500 apples and trade them right away for 80 satoshi.
4450-apples.png                     when your apples look like this click next and go to the market and trade the apples.traded_apples.png                  Now after a while, like alot, the dog will be tired! 😀 and a message will show like this:Dog_tired                                                                                                          He will keep running and collecting apples but way slower.

The minimum withdraw was changed from 150 sat to 500 sat.

these are my payment proofs (note that sometimes your request will be refunded).payments                                                                             You may think this is a little earning site and you think right, but its still better than a faucet and way less exhaustive.

Get a Bandirun account Here.


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