On this tutorial i will help you guys understand Moneyclicker.

Get a Money clicker account Here.($0.2 starter bonus for users registered from my link).

Money clicker has a virtual currency called MCC, Every MCC is worth ($0.000001).

mybalance   withdraw_value

There are multiple ways to withdraw your cash,minimum to FAUCETHUB IS 0.5$ (50cents).

On Moneyclicker all you have to do is Mine minerals (Stones, Coal, Copper, Tin)etc…

 So what we have to do???dashboardOn the dashboard press “EARN MONEY“.
earn_moneytab Press “Mine resources“.
You will start with 1 cave.tier1_cave.pngNote:Every upgrade you do on the cave is only for that cave! (there are general upgrades).
Every cave is upgradeable,and every cave,mines a few types of resources. Press “Start Working“.
drop_percentage This first cave,mines only Stone and Coal and has a drop %.           

A button like this will show up  mine_button with each click of the mouse, your earnings and level will grow.

Note: Every click uses energy.Energy refils 1 every 5min.Every level max out the energy.

reward_stone In the top left of the corner, will always show what you get for every click, there will be times that you wont get nothing. reward_nothing

After a few clicks this will show up.comercial_break go and finish the shortlink.

Now that you know how to earn minerals lets learn how to sell them. Press Inventory.dashboard_inventoryThe list of all minerals will show up, and you can see what you can sell to earn MCC.inventory_items

If you level up by now, you must be able to buy another cave,in order to buy more caves you need level requirements and MCC to unlock them.locked_cavesIn my case i need to be level 7 and have 2000MCC.

Remember everything is upgradeable.Want to increase your earnings?

Just invest some of your virtual currency for upgrades the game offers. Press “Storedashboard_storeA big list of EVERYTHING that can be upgraded will show up (i wont screen all).

Increase drop rates:here you can increase the drop rates for every mineral on every mine.increase_drop_rate
Increase price:here you make the price of every mineral cost more when you want to sell.increase_resource_price
Offline miners:Every 24H they give 1 mineral of the type you bought.(you can upgrade them)offline_miners                      there is no limit of miners you can buy, you can upgrade how fast they generate minerals and how much they give.

You got a bunch more of upgradeable things check them out!

Like most of games you can mine with your CPU, the rates are nice, and the best of it is that you can upgrade how much you get per 100 Hashes!CPU_miner_hashes

Note:So you can have an idea i have it on level 5 and per 8h im getting 2000~ MCC with the cpu at 3 threats 100%.Maybe later wont be worth but for early upgrades will help you alot!cpu_miner_upgradeHere are a few promo codes you can use right now to earn extra money in your account. Each code can only be used once on the site.

  1. FREE5 – You’ll earn an extra $0.05 in your account. This helps you reach your cash out threshold on the site a little bit quicker. You can use this code now.
  2. FRESH – Free $0.10 added to your converted balance. You can only redeem this code if you didn’t use any other promo code when you signed up for the site.
  3. 7DAYS – Free $0.05 added to your converted balance. You can use this code once your account is 7 days old.
  4. 30DAYS – Free $0.10 added to your converted balance. You can use this code when your account is 30 days old.

Payment Proof:payment_proof1

Get a Money clicker account Here.($0.2starter bonus for users registered from my link)


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