Starcoins P1

On this tutorial i will help you guys understand StarCoins.

StarCoins is a Crypto MMORPG, the battle for supremacy in space has begun :).

  • Note: PVP/PVE/EXPEDITIONS are explained on P2 HERE.

First of all pick your pretty face!starcoins_raceStarCoins has 5 resources ressorces_tab.png this resources are required to earn crypto! M = metal  is used to Heal your ship Hull and upgrade your ship shield.

DM= darkmatter | D= deuterium | C = crystal |E = energy |M = metal

In the menu Press “resources“.menu_resorces_tabs

These are the first buildings to make,they will produce your resources, you will need them in order to accomplish other things.buildings.png

In this case this buildings cost 200D-500D= Deuterium.

To get D= deuterium, you will need to do a couple of to get deuterium

Choose the one that fits you better!

You will always be able to see if you are being credited or notrewardthis one was from a shortlink. 

Now that you have enough D= deuterium press “Deploy Now“. As you can see the crystal mine is ready to work.buildings_1_ready

There are a few details you need to understand:
R:Resources required to produce other resources.P:Returned production after time pass.

Example: if i start the 59min work i need to have 25energy(it will be deducted), and i will receive 70crystal after work its done.

If you press – “Deploy more DM reactorsMore_DM_REACTORThis its the info you have to pay attention!More_DM_REACTOR_menu

Its like an investement that you pay, lets say 312500D or 25000DM after 30days i will get in return from 110% to 150% what you invested.

AFTER 30DAYS REACTOR WILL DIE and you have to buy another one.DM_7_example

Ok after you get your Crystal Mine and Solar Plant working you have 2 choices walk into jobs tab or get D= deuterium and buy the Darkmatter Reactor. Both will give you what you need to cashout!Remember you need to buy the reactor 2500D= deuterium.darkmatter_reactorDarkmatter Reactor works similar to Crystal mine, give something to get something back, 59min work: requires 300D= deuterium ,70crystal , 35energy, in return you will get back 32DM=darkmatter!

On the jobs section its similar but there is a requirement, Press “Jobs”menu_jobs_tabs.png

On the right side you will see that a battleship is requiredjobs_requirement If you visit the shipyard loads of ships will show up from 1.9k D= deuterium to 10k D= deuterium, buy one in order to start jobs. 

  • Battle Ships are used in : 
    – Battlezone where you can compete with other players for supremacy. 
    – Dark System where you can compete with NPCs for big rewards 
    – Space explore to earn Darkmatter 
    – Expeditions & Jobs where you earn daily rewards . 
    – Daily bonus 

After you buy a ship come back to jobs tab.menu_jobs_tabs.pngjobs 

Every jobs has requirements, pick the one that sweets you better and wait for the time run.job_rewardAfter timer is done Press “Get Reward” solve the captcha you like and you will be credited.

This game has something really cool, it has an Auto Faucet too!menu_explore_tabsautofaucetChoose the coin and the timer you want look at the requirements and Start to explore! Note: You need to let the page open! rewards go strait to FaucetHub like a normal autofaucet.

Now lets learn how to spend DM=darkmatter!menu_merchant_tabsmerchant

Just pick the one that you like moreexportsRemember to add the wallets from FaucetHub.WalletsI you want to be part of the Hourly rain at the top tab pressStar rain”top_tab_rainPress “Join this rain


StarCoins also has a daily bonus.top_tab_dailybonusComplete a bunch of stuff to get this reward.Extra bonus will be add up every time you complete the daily bonus up to 50%.dailybonus

These are my payment proofs!payment_proofs

Get a StarCoins account Here.


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