Starcoins P2

On this tutorial i will help you guys understand StarCoins.

StarCoins is a Crypto MMORPG, the battle for supremacy in space has begun :).

  • PVP

  • Battle Ships are used in : 
    – Battlezone where you can compete with other players for supremacy. 
    – Dark System where you can compete with NPCs for big rewards.
    – Space explore to earn Darkmatter. 
    – Expeditions & Jobs where you earn daily rewards. 
    – Daily bonus.

So by now you already bought a spaceship and you are ready to kick some ass.
At menu tab press “Battlezonemenu_battlezone_tabs
At the top left you will see your stats, you can attack 15x per day. Every hit will decrease your hull HP.

Note: you can check you reports at bottom left of this image.shipstats.png
Note: Pay attention to this alert in orther to attack you cant do doing expeditions or jobs at same time


players_to_hit.pngBEFORE YOU HIT SOMEONE READ INFO (those are the rules for hits) compare your stats and level before you Attack.
Note: you cant attack if you are doing a job or a space expedition.(just to remember you again)

This was my rewards:

Learn the symbols: +1sxp = ship XP / -1hnr = this means you hit a lower level, theres no effect anyway.
If you want to hit someone again you have to wait 5min cooldown.attack_CDR

Do you remember about M=Metal? ok lets use it!!  Menu tab Press “shypyard“.menu_Shipyards_tabs.png

Press “upgrade“.battleship_menu_upgrade

This is one of the places that M=Metal is required, use it to upgrade your shield power. 

Note: as you can see you can upgrade more things lol.
Note: hover the mouse on every stat to see what they do.battleship_menu_stats_metal_upgrade

If you scroll down a bit more you will find this.Hull_regeneration    This is where you regenerate your Hull.You lose Hull points on every combat! If your Hull points reach 0  Hull points you cant fight anymore! Wich means you cant attack or be attacked.

Note: you can be hit offline every 2min if you have Hull Points.

Heal your ship for free every 30min(not automated) or 1 Hull point for 1 M=Metal.

  • PVE

So back at this menu again.battleship_menu

  • Upgradewhere you upgrade your ship stats.
  • Battle Zone where you fight players.
  • Dark SystemPVE.
  • Explore the space Gamble (like minesweeper from windows). I WONT explain!

Press Dark System

You can use any amount between 50D – 50000D.

pve_ship_statsThe NPC that will show up is random, you will need atleast 50D=Deuterium+ E=Energy to hit that NPC. Choose the difficulty that you want ,IF you win you get the amount Deuterium (or equivalent in darkmattermultiplied depending of difficulty level selected + ship XPXP.

Basicly its random Win/Lose , thats GAMBLE!






Send your ship in space for search of Darkmatter, Deuterium, Metal and Crystal. Expeditions can last from 10 to 30 minutes.

Note:You can do only 10 expeditions per day unless you get free expeditions from jobs ,random chance.

At menu tab press “Exploremenu_tabs_explore

Press “Space Expeditionsspace_expeditions

You have 4 tabs only 1 working now choose the one you like more. More time the better rewards.Finish the shortlink and you will be redirect to site showing this page with a timer.expedition_chooseExpeditions stats: 

  • Today left : expeditions left to do for the day remember you can only do 10!
  • Bonus: Do expeditions every day tou win 1% bonus up to 60%
  • Total: all the expeditions you have done lifetime

After the timer is done check your rewards, finish the captcha and tadam.expedition_rewards

Now one important thing, you CANT do another expedition UNTIL YOU FINISH A JOB! expedition_alert

TIP:Do the 15min job.

After you finish a job redo all the process to start a new expedition.






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