Satoshi Labs

ON THIS TUTORIAL I WILL HELP YOU GUYS UNDERSTAND Satoshi labs. Satoshi Labs is a regular faucet with a game inside of it, you can faucet claim every 5 min UP TO 15sat. The game part is where the fun begins. (Remember its still on beta, rewards may be changed). Every upgrade will earn you PASSIVE INCOME! … Continue a ler Satoshi Labs


Starcoins P2

On this tutorial i will help you guys understand StarCoins. StarCoins is a Crypto MMORPG, the battle for supremacy in space has begun :). PVP Battle Ships are used in :  - Battlezone where you can compete with other players for supremacy.  - Dark System where you can compete with NPCs for big rewards. - Space explore to earn Darkmatter.  - Expeditions & Jobs where you earn … Continue a ler Starcoins P2

BTC Faucets

Bitcolife: Claim 16 satoshi every 1 minute! AllBitcoinSites:  Claim 12 satoshi every 5 minutes! Fautsy: Claim 6 Free satoshi every 5 Minutes! Starbits: Claim 6 Free satoshi every 5 Minutes! Gobits: Claim up to 35 satoshi every 5 minutes! Note: Gobits needs to be manually withdraw. FaucetHero: Claim 10 Free satoshi every 5 minutes! kesef-kal: Claim up to 20 satoshi every 30 … Continue a ler BTC Faucets